Congressional forecasters say a Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would leave 22 million more people uninsured in the next decade.

Source: CBO Says Senate Health Bill To Repeal Obamacare Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured : NPR

Are they just stupid or in a bind?

Drinking way too much Koolaid, that’s for sure and they seems not to know the easy headlines gifted from a predictable CBO review. I mean, really, who could not see a repeat of the earlier headline and the “it helps the rich at the expense of the poor” description. Even though the richest Americans are Democrats, the Republicans make it easy for the Democrats to continue to brand them as only for the big boys and girls and ignoring the plight of the poor and middle class.

Check out Jeffrey Sachs several recommendations to replace both the failed ObamaCare and the not so swift Republican plans from their House and from their Senate. Nothing in law or on the table from either side of the aisle will deliver better health care to more Americans and at a needed reduced cost per citizen now twice what other industrialized countries pay.

A Real Persona judges each of his points, may good and some not so good.