Seriously,  when Mr Sanders was campaigning against heir apparent Mrs Hilary Clinton?

Mrs Clinton was supported by Obama and indeed the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party.

Shame shame (SS)

Tangentially, note that both Obama  and Trump both failed to hold Ras Putin’s feet to the fire for his successful interference in the run up to the surprise electoral college victory of Trump. SS

Trump continues to fail perhaps not because there is a smoking gun to be uncovered, which is highest amongst the universe of all the hopes and prayers of the entire left, who so far only have the overwhelming power of their  InfoTainment Monopoly  (ITM) to repeat their hopes authoritatively, and repeat again and again via accusations and innuendo. SS

But Trump won’t go public probably because his ego can not allow anything to undermine “his ‘ election credibility. And we do mean “his.” SS

Mr Ras (Putin) so far, with a failing one horse economy and shrinking population has handily made Democrats and Republicans alike look like stooges and thus he continues to be one of the most popular leaders amongst “his” citizens who suffer mightily and long for the  Soviet return Putin is chipping away at very successfully.

And we do mean “his.” Kudos for SS success. Probably warms the heart of his fellow communists in China and North Korea. Why is is called communist other than historical designations? Everyone is a capitalist now. Even dictators. They all accumulate a lot of it tax free. The only question about pan capitalism, is what is allowed to be capital and who controls it.

From CNN reporter Cillizza:

The FBI has been investigating this case for the past 18 months. What do we know about the status of the investigation?

True: To be frank, not much. The FBI has a policy where it does not comment on ongoing investigations (proven so adroitly by Trump antagonist Mr James Comey)  even to confirm their existence. (CNN has reached out to FBI in Albany, New York, and the US Attorney’s office in Vermont and has not received a response.)

Source: How much trouble is Jane Sanders actually in? –