How Bad Is the Crisis in Illinois? It Has $14.6 Billion in Unpaid Bills – WSJ

Illinois is a unique state what with many revolving Democratic and Republican governors convicted of crimes while in office.. Yep, that’s the truth. Google it.

And it is the city where the South Side was organized by Barack Obama as his major career accomplishment before a short stint as state legislator followed by a shorter one in the US Senate, who then quickly was elected President of the US. Before taking office he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for get this, stating he did not want any more wars. Likely you want no more wars as I also want, and you would be willing to state that for less than the Nobel Peace prize.

How did that work out for the US? Check out the Syrian red line and the millions of refugees and the Obama decision to put US solders back into Iraq and Afghanistan after he had followed up on his pledge of broadcast to the world about military strategy about troop levels and specifically when our troops were going to be leaving. Once upon a time, that would have been considered top secret and guarded so that the enemy did not know what was going to happen. Loose lips still sink metaphorical ships.

Evan Moore in November of 2014, after Obama was in office for a couple of years writes on, a lot of good things about the South Side where he lives. Check them all out, especially note the quiet irony of paragraph 16 and others.

In February 2016 on he further says 20 great things about the South Side.

In April, only 2 months later, William Lee, a Contact Reporter for the rightest of wings, the Chicago Tribune, and a former black resident says there is a devastating black exodus from the home area of Michelle Obama due to violence despite it maybe having been organized by the then current peace loving POTUS.

Does that mean Evan Moore and the Thrilist are shills for inaccurate propaganda for Chicago and the South Side?

Pretty much.

Just today, another Tribune Contact Reporter, Marwa Eltagouiti writes that Cook County beat it’s prior year record exodus.

George Bush and his Defense Secretary Donal Rumsfield botched the Iraq invasion by not sending enough troops as advised by General Shinseki and in keeping with Colin Powell’s doctrine of overwhelming force which expeditiously booted Saddam from Kuwait earlier and could have toppled Saddam in Iraq if old man Bush had not backed away from it.

We will never know if the world would be a better or worse place had he proceeded then into Baghdad. Obama probably would not have won his Nobel Peace prize, if worse or better. Or if the aftermath of the Iraq invasion would have been successful with more troops. If so, Bush might be regarded as a successful president by more people and our NATO allies might regret not supporting it. Osama bin Laden observed that every one likes a strong horse.

And Trump would not have helped the war effort as much by….what did he say about the wars….for them before he was against them or against them before he was for them?