They constitute the overwhelming super majority of wealth in America demonstrated so aptly by the startling rankings of the top ten American Billionaires. Eight of whom and many of the over tens are on a path to likely  an even bigger super majority due to their mastery of the spectacular growth of all things internet and in many cases their politial and entrenchment es By the way, many of the recent American internet billionaires deserve our awe and kudos for their inventions and subsequent financial success.

As Jonathan effectively points out with paraphrasing, they are juggernauts whose command of technology propels their increasing wealth accumulation and ability to spread out into traditional industries. When Amazon announced their acqusition of the iconic Whole Foods, most foods stocks declined.

seems unlimited They are avowed anti Republicans. Bernie and his sister Democratic Party have successfully branded Republicans for a long time as the party of the rich and of the eveil corporations. In  Bernie’s June speech to the Peoples Convention in Chicago blasted the them as the party of nillionaires led by oft negatively mentioned Koch Brothers.

Because of the overwhelming drumbeat of the InfoTainment supermajority effectively organizing political support by their ability to demonizes athe other sidesay more often than the other side  branded demon leaders of the various all bad carbon based commodities which have powered the industrial growth of the world so  far and what we all still depend on for most energy and donors to Public Radio and Nova. Really?

They are indeed the only Republicans in the top ten as number 9 and 10.

FAANG essentially controls stock indexes.

The only trust the InfoTainment super plus majority monopolists want to bust is the oil and gas business. Tech is too important to the party. If only they could crack talk radio, wow, effective “elected” dictators would be een more envious.

And money is too important to the Republican party also. And to Bernie and, well, to all politicians.

Let’s devise a better way to fund elections. All alternatives seem to have obvious fatal or serious flaws if one follows logical consequences. None of which supporters of particular ideas will acknowledge of course. So since the controlling politicians do not want a better way, they are glad to just joust with the opposition to game the system better than the other.