Author: Real Persona

Yawn. Another big malware attack ripples across the world – Jun. 27, 2017

Hackers have launched blistering attacks on Tuesday against companies and agencies across Europe, but particularly focused on Ukraine. Source: Another big malware attack ripples across the world – Jun. 27, 2017 Hey, who created the internet with all of it’s flaws? Utopians. Without a specific plan. Just one set of code after another. Free and freedom was it’s underlying driving principals. Not security for sites or users. That was part of Utopian naievete we all pay for. Yes, even Putin;s Russia. But mostly others. Some have said pornography is the source of activity/traffic/spending that spurred it’s rapid growth. Who really knows? And today? Who amongst the public knows how much of google/baidu and other sites etc revenues comes from sites whose draw is based on port, human trafficking, snuff sites and on and on, the kind of thing no country actually admits allowing and of course none admit they tacitly turn a blind eye to. Yet, a lot of revenue is raked in from those products. Directly or indirectly simply thru increased traffic which surfing from one site to another. A snuffer might buy a hoodie for his/her/tranny’s niece next. And check bank for bank deposits next. Criminals have regulars lives at least partially, just like you. For...

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