Month: July 2017

Vermont Political News

Source: Vermont Political News Democrats never dig up nasty dirt on Republicans and it looks like Republicans started to do so recently. Let me see, do congressional staffers, paid by WTP, ever do that on the public’s dime? Is this VTDigger actually a tool of the right wing conspiracy as Mr Sanders seems to assert?...

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Bernie is piling on poor Trump: “My wife is the most honest person I know”

Let’s truly hope she sets a high standard. Why does he not blame Obama or the Democratic Party for attempts to out her potential failures? “His Impressive Independency” campaigned to become the head of the Democratic Party by becoming it’s 2016 Presidential candidate and thrashing Trump on his way to the White House. Trump occasionally praised him solely to encourage his undermining of Hilary. Obama and the Democratic Party in fact succeeded in overthrowing the Bern Assault. Not Trump. Jane Sanders, the wife of the Vermont senator and 2016 presidential candidate, has been in the news of late — and not for good reasons. In late April, VTDigger, a non-profit reporting site in Vermont, broke the news that the FBI was potentially conducting an investigation related to her stewardship of Burlington College in the 2000s. No allegations of wrongdoing have been made by authorities against the Sanders. Source: How much trouble is Jane Sanders actually in? – Are they conducting an investigation? Regardless, if they find nothing or think not actionable for whatever reason, the public is not supposed to know, ask tall Mr Comey. He is consistently clear about that. Was there a quiet exit negotiated between lawyers? So many questions, so little time or conclusive unarguable evidence. Had they not fired her (it they did), maybe they might not be 3 years behind filing mandatory annual...

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