Month: July 2017

Jonathan Taplin asks “Can the Tech Giants Be Stopped?”

No. They constitute the overwhelming super majority of wealth in America demonstrated so aptly by the startling rankings of the top ten American Billionaires. Eight of whom and many of the over tens are on a path to likely  an even bigger super majority due to their mastery of the spectacular growth of all things internet and in many cases their politial and entrenchment es By the way, many of the recent American internet billionaires deserve our awe and kudos for their inventions and subsequent financial success. As Jonathan effectively points out with paraphrasing, they are juggernauts whose command of technology propels their increasing wealth accumulation and ability to spread out into traditional industries. When Amazon announced their acqusition of the iconic Whole Foods, most foods stocks declined. seems unlimited They are avowed anti Republicans. Bernie and his sister Democratic Party have successfully branded Republicans for a long time as the party of the rich and of the eveil corporations. In  Bernie’s June speech to the Peoples Convention in Chicago blasted the them as the party of nillionaires led by oft negatively mentioned Koch Brothers. Because of the overwhelming drumbeat of the InfoTainment supermajority effectively organizing political support by their ability to demonizes athe other sidesay more often than the other side  branded demon leaders of the various all bad carbon based commodities which have powered the industrial growth...

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Insurance Rates Will Always Go Up Regardless

Allowing insurers to sell plans that aren’t compliant with the Affordable Care Act would undermine protections for those with pre-existing medical conditions and lead to higher premiums, industry groups say Source: Insurers Oppose Cruz Amendment to Republican Health-Care Bill – WSJ First, new treatments will continue to be invented and everyone will want insurance to pay for them. Consumers and providers alike, all voters, will prevail. Second, until providers are required to market treatments with clear prices, consumers will never be able to bring market forces to bear. Complexity of coverage and so much “protective” legal disclsure language no one can read let alone understand and lack of plan portability combine to assure costs of health care continue upward trajectory, a major know risk to our economy and international...

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What’s up with those Republicans? CBO Says Senate Health Bill To Repeal Obamacare Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured

Congressional forecasters say a Senate Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would leave 22 million more people uninsured in the next decade. Source: CBO Says Senate Health Bill To Repeal Obamacare Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured : NPR Are they just stupid or in a bind? Drinking way too much Koolaid, that’s for sure and they seems not to know the easy headlines gifted from a predictable CBO review. I mean, really, who could not see a repeat of the earlier headline and the “it helps the rich at the expense of the poor” description. Even though the richest Americans are Democrats, the Republicans make it easy for the Democrats to continue to brand them as only for the big boys and girls and ignoring the plight of the poor and middle class. Check out Jeffrey Sachs several recommendations to replace both the failed ObamaCare and the not so swift Republican plans from their House and from their Senate. Nothing in law or on the table from either side of the aisle will deliver better health care to more Americans and at a needed reduced cost per citizen now twice what other industrialized countries pay. A Real Persona judges each of his points, may good and some not so...

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This Guy Successfully Crossed “The Obama Red Line” and consequently will be permanently in the hands of Syrians

Even after he leaves office, willingly or un-wilingly does not matter he calculates. After all, the one party dictatorship of Chinese “Communists” who were bailed out by Capitalism can not even get the mug of Mao off their physical currency as they would like. Mao is one of the largest mass murderers in history. There have been many. Source: Syrian President Bashar Assad Will Be Face of New Bank Note – Bloomberg Hong Kong, on the other hand, will likely have a different outcome if they cross the Xi Red...

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Obama FBI started an Investigation on Mrs Sanders early in an election year. So why does Bernie blame the Republicans?

Seriously,  when Mr Sanders was campaigning against heir apparent Mrs Hilary Clinton? Mrs Clinton was supported by Obama and indeed the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party. Shame shame (SS) Tangentially, note that both Obama  and Trump both failed to hold Ras Putin’s feet to the fire for his successful interference in the run up to the surprise electoral college victory of Trump. SS Trump continues to fail perhaps not because there is a smoking gun to be uncovered, which is highest amongst the universe of all the hopes and prayers of the entire left, who so far only have the overwhelming power of their  InfoTainment Monopoly  (ITM) to repeat their hopes authoritatively, and repeat again and again via accusations and innuendo. SS But Trump won’t go public probably because his ego can not allow anything to undermine “his ‘ election credibility. And we do mean “his.” SS Mr Ras (Putin) so far, with a failing one horse economy and shrinking population has handily made Democrats and Republicans alike look like stooges and thus he continues to be one of the most popular leaders amongst “his” citizens who suffer mightily and long for the  Soviet return Putin is chipping away at very successfully. And we do mean “his.” Kudos for SS success. Probably warms the heart of his fellow communists in China and North Korea. Why is is called...

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